Bathroom before

This is what the bathroom and the view of the space that will hold the staircase looks like if you stand where we just put in the new window. Instead of the door that was always there. There was a lot of very fine dirt under the old cement floor. A LOT! We dug even more and all the dirt was taken out. Many wheelbarrows of dirt I must say! 

Loving the old wall that is in what will become the bathroom and that dubles a a wall that will hold the kitchen in the next room over. Would love to just keep the wall like this, but in a bathroom there are so many rules of how it should be constructed so that it can take all that water usage that we just can not keep it this way.... 

The first electrician that we showed what will be become the bathroom, that at this point was some kind of electricity and all kind of weired wiring room, told us that

- Well, that is not possible.

The electricity is here....

Outdoor boxes like this that holds the central incoming electricity can off course be moved. With the help of a good electrician that is!

As you can understand we did not use that electrician. We sent him home and checked the next name on the list of the site that I used elektrikerlistan.se

where we after meeting 4 more found the electrician that came to work with The STABLE


This is the door from the inside that we instead changed to a window so that the bathroom in The Stable could have some light.


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