Thai breakfast

Our Breakfast soup Lady is making our order ready to take home.

Flower arrangements for rituals and for the temple being made at the market where we buy or breakfast. The smell from jasmine is the most amazing when fresh like this. It just does something for you that can not be explained. You can understand why it´s such a common scent ingredient in perfume.

Fresh, lush veggies of more kinds than I even know. Beautiful greens!!

Just ready made rise noodles. 

Ann getting another type of soup for lunch. 


This is the market where we get the breakfast soup in the mornings. 

This is NOT the soup we eat for breakfast. This is a large clay pot with water and a lotus that just got some extra help with fresh flowers from the garden. There should always be water of some kind in a garden, this is a very easy and beautiful way of doing it.

This is our breakfast soup , warm and ready to eat. The most typical Thai breakfast is a soup made from a wonderful heavy broth with rise noodles, variation of veggies, eggs and fresh beansprouts that are put in last and do not cook in the soup.

You can have it with chicken or pork or just the way it is. Some people put chili it it, some like some sugar and I really like the pickled chili, I tried it all versions and I really like it.

Thai breakfast soup is hereby recommended for everyone, especially when in Thailand. 
You know ...when in Rome.

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