Cunha, city of ceramics

Cunha, city of ceramics

Wanted to go to Cunha but due to the 
pandemic ended up never going. 

We believe in keeping the wheels turning,
 so masked keeping distance,
 we are here to find hand made ceramics 
from the city of a long ceramic 
tradition in Sao Paulo state, 
which is about a two  
hour car drive from Penedo. 


chambered climbing kiln is 
built on a slope, 
and each succeeding chamber 
is situated higher 
than the one before it,  
fitting the mountainous 
area Cunha is located 
in perfectly. 

The chambers in a NOBURIGAMA 
are pierced at intervals 
withs stoking ports. 
These climbing kilns 
have been used in Japan 
since the 17th century. 

The video shows the surrounding hills 
and the square in the city center 
by one of the two churches. 

Cunha was inhabited in the beginning 
of the 18th century. 
The municipality was fonded in 1724 
and elevated to city in 1858. 

The rooster above I spotted at the fantastic 
eco reuse cafe of Aracato you see more of below. 

Since 1975 Cunha has become an center 
of stoneware ceramics 

5 Noborigama 
wood fire kilns and 
16 ceramic studios in 
all in Cunha


to that a city with 
sights and 
lots of restaurants. 

The main church is being 
restored to its former 
glory at the moment.  

Even found a fun real interesting antique 
shop on the main square in Cunha. 

Aracatu is not only a cafe 
it is a way of living in the eco 
tradition that sells fresh 
veggies and bakes everything.  
The cute rooster you saw 
above lives here.
And  below video show the 
burning stove and fresh 
baked bread that greets 
you in the entrance of Aractu. 


The fire wood stove at Aracatu

The art of ceramics

You find a lot of ceramic flooring

We found what we came for which is water 
vessels and a cup for all hotel rooms 
at the beach hotel Pe Na Areia at Ilha Grande. 

Also found some for our own home. 

Cunha serves sensational ceramics

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