Brazilian beach hotel and restaurant update

Beach hotel at Ilha Grande on Costa Verde
2,5 hour drive from Rio de Janeiro

Pe Na Areia means Feet in the Sand 
is a beach hotel at 
Ilha Grande which is my latest 
interior update project.

Ilha Grande is a island off the 
Costa Verde,Green Coast 
in the state of Rio de Janeiro. 

From the city of Rio de Janeiro to Ilha Grande 
is so easy to go to that there are 
day trips for tourist 
to visit the enormous nature 
reserve beaches you find on Ilha Grande 

Angra dos Reis located 
off the coast of Costa Verde is where 
you take a 20 min fast boat to
 the pier at Ilha Grande. 

Constructed from whole Eucalypto tree trunks the building
is rustically well built.

 The big staircase is one of the changes that has to be made to create space for the new rooms and make + space of what now is not used the best way, what I call a minus space. 

The hotel and restarant Pe Na Areia want to create more hotel rooms.  
8 rooms will be updated and where there is now a lounge and second floor laundry room my plan is to win at least 3 to 4 new rooms with a view of the sea.  

On the first floor is the restaurant, kitchen and space used for everything from storage to special fish cleaning areas. Pe Na Area is a fantastic sea food restaurant and just the logistics and storage of fresh sea food  and fish everyday means that you need fridge rooms and other special areas such as handling all of the waste in the best way.

My task is to find a way to update the areas on both floors and add more rooms without changing the exterior. As in all of the world beach property comes with a lot of restrictions.  


The veranda on the first floor
 has a complete traditional 
coconut palm thatch roof.

Since I love great sustainable traditional materials
 my goal always is to work as circular as possible all projects I will certainly look into using more of this Brazilian technique that you see in many of the tropical beach cultures around the world. 

In using for the region typical materials always comes with knowledge and experience in handling the work done by the hand makers. 

The door signs as well as the main sign and 
artwork needs to either add more 
of the same or creating 
a new graphic profile and make new signs since 
we will have 
more rooms than 8 
when my work is done. 

spagetti camerao or shrimp is a real favorite at Pe Na Area

We stayed at the hotel last weekend 
which meant trying more
 of the food here on the beach at Pe Na Area. 

Since I love sea food and fish I must say 
I did not eat anything but 
great gourmet fish
 and seafood
the first 2 days

Moqueca is what I would call the
Brazilian Bouilabaisse.
A fish and seafood based dish that
with the palm oil dendê,
coriander and coconut
milk becomes irrisistable. 

Love that the food at the restaurant here
at Pe Na Area is soo good.
 Enjoying every sec!  

Sitting on the beach eating sea food 
in the sunset is the thing. 

The owner of Pe Na Area at Ilha Grande opened up for 
business already 20 years ago. 
This is a oil painting of the original house that today looks 
the same but is surrounded by houses on on both sides. 

 The island life of Ilha Grande 
is filled botanic wonders.

Great breakfast with lots of fresh fruit
which for me is true luxury. 

Getting the feeling I have all I need to be able to get going with my work creating a interior update. 
All measurements are naturally taken and photos of every corner. Along with experiencing the essence of Pe Na Areia here on the beach I have all I need to get started on the interior update work. 

Check my Insta @jimmyschonninghem for more from the beach at Ilha Grande. 

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