Pantonova outdoor première

Verner Panton Pantonova seat

The Pantonova seat and system was created by Danish Verner Panton already in 1971 for the colorful (check below) and extravagant restaurant Varna he designed in Århus, Denmark. 

1971 Restaurant Varna in Århus, Denmark. Just love how Verner Panton put so much emphasis on the design of the ceiling and space above the seating. 

The Spy who loved me

 Pantonova on the set of the Bond movie in 1977. Karl Stromberg was a fictional Swedish wealthy entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of a shipping company called Stromberg Shipping. 
The villain character first appeared as the main antagonist in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Portrayed by the late Austrian actor Curt Jurgen as you see in the photo above.  

Verner Pantons cherished series Pantonova was born 1971. Relaunched  2019 by Montana Pantonova, and 2020 celebrating with a new stainless steel outdoor version. 

I was just 4 (yes, I am 52) years old when Pantonova saw the first light, but I do remember this shape from an early stage in my life. Loved the fact that you could build your own version and I must say that as an outdoor stainless steel seat is how this design comes to best use. 

Either using this ultimat minimal design as a one seater or as a 13 meter long snake seat in the garden I think this Panton design from 1971 has landed perfectly right. Can not wait to see specially made cushions and seat covers for this beloved seat section success!

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