Total textile makeover

Working with interiors a vital part of any makeover contains textile transformation. 

Fabric comes in all type of designs and can become just what you want and create. Romo Fabrics has everything needed for all homes that can become the total textile makeover that personalizes the interior and makes the biggest impression and lasting change. Romo fabrics is a important partner of the event called Dinner&Drink by Jimsch this September. 

When I have made the plan for my interiors and have plan I turn to Systrarna Axelsson 

for textile consultationLisa&Helena that are cohosting our Dinner by Jimsch and are responsible for the total textile makeover at Jimsch Studio Showroom are both sisters and partners in textile transformation. 

At the very bottom you see how the bedroom turns out to be my all time favorite room.  

The art of wallcovering in our bedroom is masterly done by Hernvalls Tapetserfirma with a fabric mix from Romo. A mix of synthetic and natural fiber makes for a more long lasting wall covering. 

Göran & Göran (d.y & d.ä)  from Hernvalls tapetserfirma  is working and I am trying to film them. There are so few in Sweden that still know how to perform the art of wallcovering.  

Double piping as here of piping is in Swedish called keder is here done with a glue gun. 

The window above is before Systrarna Axelssson get going with fabrics from Romo

Seen with the black textile wallcovering in front you see a full length photo of the window after the total textile makeover. 

An important part is how you hang the fabric and the combinations made along with the actual sowing. The hotel feeling we were looking for really came with the Romo fabrics. 

The carpet is from Jimsch as well as the grey pattern throw hanging over the green Foxford fringed throw. 

Curtains are not elusively for windows. The can be uses in so many more places
Love this photo of Helena hanging this metallic fabric from Romo

Unique pillows made easily from the fabric world of Romo. Wall art by Rebelwalls

 The kitchen curtain solution looks so good let all the way down. The textile becomes the art in the room framed by the window. Great for windows like this where you prefer privacy. 

A purple rain of velvet that in this light goes a bit burgundy along with seat cushions in velvet. 

Rightfully proud poseing taking place (all my fault because I demanded a photo)  in front of the headboard constructed with Romo fabric by Göran&Göran at Hernvalls Tapetserfirma.

The textile heaven a bedroom is here finally finished just like Systrarna Axelsson and I dreamt it would be. Bedskirt as headboard in Romo fabrics as well as  velvet pillows. Embroidered grey recycled textile Jimsch pillows make for the softness accompanied by the metal firewood storage and lamp that in my design I am so glad it was finished in time for our first ever Dinner&Drink by Jimsch. 

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