The making of Dinner by Jimsch

Getting ready for our Dinner & Drink by Jimsch, the interior transformation of the studio has totally taken over. The wallpaper or more correctly said: mural ceiling covering called A priori from Rebelwalls only took a couple of hours to take it´s place 

See how it is to set a wall...sorry ceiling paper or mural ceiling covering. 

Decorit, the company that does the job really knows how to get this magic mural wallpaper... or ceiling paper in place. 

To get the Brooklyn Silestone worktop and splash back in place along with the special shelves,  we now say good bye to the old worn out laminate surface. 

If you never heard about Silestone check this

Now check this out : 

At Ahlgrens Marmor you can both buy and get the help needed when getting your stone surfaces in place. 

Must say it feels heavenly to get this much done at the studio. 
This meant in all possible interpretations of the word...

Next up is the textile makeover. Not only the coolest bespoke curtains. No much more!

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