Perspective Studio Stockholm goes Gotland

Since I am so slow I made it to Perspective in Stockholm the summer week they are packing to move to Gotland.  Love my summer walks through the city to check out the new or the old. Perspective are opening a new studio in Gotland and will also be appearing in a new location in Sthlm later this year. 
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The owners Robin&Ejub run the studio shop and work as interior designers. 
Ejub is showing us around in his&Robin´s carefully curated and unique space. I fall for the sofa which is their own design and can be ordered in bespoke sizes and material. The textiles on the beautiful coffee table ended up there because we were trying the sofa and rearranging it. 

So many amazingly gorgeous objects & furniture pieces and a wonderful mix of new&antique. Eclecticism at it´s absolute best. Thank you Ejub for your warm welcome. 

The fantastic ceiling lamp from Aparatus that I first saw in the BDDW store in Milan 2016 you find at Perspective studios. These guys got it! 

The perfect mix of antique&new design. 

Perspective Studio

Continuing my walk to the Asplund library on Sveavägen built 1928. This landmark of a building is  great place to sit and work or study. Just love this enormous pendant lamp that crowns this functionalist power stucture. 

The entrance art of Gunnar Asplunds library. 

Time to just enjoy the summer shade in one of the parks on our way back to Söder. 

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