Antonio Marras art adorns Saba furniture

The Saba New Yorker outdoor collection

Sardinian turned Milanese fashiondesigner and artist Antonio Marras and the the Italian furniture brand Saba focused on their similarities and created stunning graphic textile art furniture.

 Marras reinterpret the iconic New York collection of sofas and small armchairs, drawing his inspiration from the textile combos of the Fall/Winter pre-collection  2018/19 

Antonio Marras hands on. 

I would love to have this chair at home and at this point in my life it´s not often I yearn for furniture. 

The clean line design adorned with the graphic art with up to date attitude is a desirable combo.

Antonio Marras + Saba collaboration shown in a video by Giulia Achenza


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The Saba outdoor New Yorker collection. 

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