Jimmy Jordan : Kolonilott

The Högalid church towers as a reference letting us know we are on the southern island of Södermalm, Stockholm. An atypical Swedish Falu red wooden fence enclosing the Kolonigarden. 

The first episode of Jimmy Jordan at the koloniträdgård. A koloni garden/trädgård is a piece of land that has been divided into smaller sections called kolonilott. The piece of land called lot is rented out to private individuals that wants to grow vegetables, plants and flowers. 

The word koloni originating from the latin word colōnia and colōnos meaning settler. Since Marcello Jordan is a settler from Brasil with Finnish roots and Jimmy Schönning is from the Swedish westcoast and they are starting a new life settling in Stockholm, Södermalm together.  
Where better to start, right ? 

The steep hill of the Tanto koloniträdgård area is filled with lots where planting and growing takes place.  The first Koloniträdgård in Sweden were created over 100 years ago at Citadellet in Landskrona in the south of Sweden in Skåne. 

The walk from the  Studio to Koloniträdgården we find this beauty on the way. A original Vindö 28 in craving of TLC. Sailing boats in particular and boats in general have inspired my style and conception of interiors profoundly. 

Here is the first encounter with Jimmy  Jordan and our first misstake. See the video : 

Love this photo of Marcello among the Hägg/Bird Cherry/Hackberry bloom. The scent! 

So good to see your here at Jimmy Jordan


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