Cherry blossom hues

Cherry blossom hues goes great with copper greens.

Stockholm is filled with cherry blossoms at the moment. Amazing beauty. Instagram accounts linked to the capitol of Sweden reflect it. The entire scale of pink-purple, with brown trunks and a touch of green leaves are so incorporated in the latest 2018 color trends that nothing could be more up to date if you add some dark reds as well to the taupe to rose scheme. 

It is amazing how long we have had an influence of different pink hues around. The major one now being a bit more dirty grayish pink tone that in Swedish is called  Gammalrosa, that would be Old Pink in English if translated badly by me. Made into a home it would look like this. 

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The living room created by Cleo Scheulderman for Dutch magazine VT Wonen photographed by Jeroen van der Spek

Kitchen från taupe to rose from VT Wonen.

Cleo Scheulderman and Jeroen van der Spek for VT Wonen. 

The cherry trees of Kungsträdgården, Stockholm in full bloom. Shot by me in evening light. 

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