S T R Ö M M A | farm lodge

The  beautiful part of the Farm lodge, the old mill and the stream.

The artists  performing in the barn this summer at Strömma Farmlodge.

Finally I listened to my mothers advice. She has been saying that next time I come to Varberg, well Getterön, I should go with her to Strömma Farmlodge. So we did. We took the car and just outside Varberg among the fields of barley we see some worn down barns by the stream. First sight of Strömma Farmlodge is a run down farm. A white trash worn down out of the way cow shack. But...the owners have the touch. They have seen the charm that is there. They have taken a shitty worn down ugly farm and turned it from a white trash scrawny ranch to a charmful treasure of Farm lodge with the most lovely surroundings. Here you shop the boho chic, grunge cool stuff&interiors, have a coffey in grandmas recovered cups and stay over with reclaimed stylishness in their B&B. 
We´ll be back!


The extremely cool grunge style house shop.

A white trash gone treasure type of shopping shack

The old mill turned café is a sight to see and lots of room indoors and outdoors to enjoy it. Lovely slow food atmosphere.

Cosy being the middle name to the Farmlodge of Strömma.

Nothing like a Ho´down by the Farmlodge by the stream.

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