S E C R E T S | soon to be revealed

Checking that it works from the camera angle. Photo by Per Magnus Persson. 

This past week Per Magnus Persson my dear friend and photographer and I have been working with a project, shooting what I soon can reveal, but not yet say anything about. We have finally come to the part where we put it in pictures.

 It has been such a fun, creative journey and I am so looking forward to sharing it with you. 

Next week Daniella Witte is making her interpretation of what I am doing right here in the  picture.
 So meeting with Daniella next week. After that I will go to Spain and work with a private client, and have some time off,  and then it´s time. 
After we pass the middle of August it is time to reveal what I already now want to tell you all about. 

All my best


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