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The sea and me outside Stockholm at Ingarö

Stockholm this past week was full on magic summer and my combination this time with working with private clients and seeing friends that stay just outside of Stockholm worked out just perfect. This time of year is just amazing and full of beauty. 

Met with and started working with a client that has built a house that needs to be furnished with a large patio/terrace. We spent a day talking needs and wants and looked at both indoors as out doors. 

Then had time with friends at their summer house in Ingarö and had a dip in the ocean each night before dinner. Ended with a 50th birtday bash that will never be forgotten! Now back in the south and having a day free for Sweden´s 6th of June, National Day.

Södermalm ,Stockholm    

Magic Birthday Party of a dear Friend in Sthlm

Seeing old friends, THE JARL family. Of which some of them had grown so much!

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