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Within the white frames you see the container that becomes the indoors part. The pond does magic as always.

A freight container as a outdoor/indoor space is just perfect!

Japanese water perfection. However small space you have. This can fit anywhere.

When East meats West in turns into a true garden joy and here is the proof. 

Designed by Chihori Shibayama and Yano Tea

Here are the words from the Gardener designers themselves :

The Watahan East & West Garden is inspired by the experiences within Japan and England of debut designer Chihori Shibiyama's and veteran designer Yano Tea. The design reflects the distinctive styles of both cultures. It includes the stylistic principles of the manicured and minimalist zen gardens of Japan together with the asymmetric forms found within bonsai and ikebana. A dense informal planting style incorporating perennial ornamental plants found in the UK is included. This fusion of East and West is also represented by key features in the garden – two pools of water represent Atlantic and Pacific oceans and at the corners are three large trees including Malus floribunda found within both countries. The garden is designed to display the shadow of the plants gradually moving over the water and walls depending on the angle of the sun in the morning, noon and evening.

Black&white with added flower color makes perfection in my book.

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