Vintage DIY á la Suede

This hallway is a very small part of the work I´ve done for Äntligen Hemma.
Äntligen Hemma is DIY on TV in Sweden.

We put up the wallpaper, took the planks from the fence and made a vintage wall with them.

Printed the picture on glass to put up a window with personality.

Built a shelf to store the dvd´s, put in the floor and made a bookshelf out of an old tree branch.

Transform a minus space into it´t fullest potential to become a +space.

That´s what a DIY show is.

This DIY is now vintage. Swedish classics.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Du är bara enastående duktig!

Mia :)

Om Jimmy Schönning sa...

Du är bara enastående vänlig. TACK!