Moving indoors

Some of the Demijohn´s have moved in after a season outside and this one found a good place. All that can not stay out in the cold must now come in. Fall is here and soon winter...

Loving the patina of the scratched and beautiful surface of the old lockers in the otherwise very new hallway.

The Finkel bowl I so love found its place.

Must find out the name of my now favorite plant that just seem to so enjoy its new pot of this spring.

One of my black outdoor lamps came inside and found (at least for now) a new home in the small living room window overlooking the outdoor table on the veranda.

Lighting the scented candles can never be wrong.

2 kommentarer:

Alba sa...

Hej Jimmy, vad roligt att du hittat en så fin plats till finkel-skålen i ditt fina hus :-) Vi gillar din blog också! Allt gott till dig och hoppas vi ses igen, om inte annat på Formex nästa höst!?! Hälsningar Christoph & Angelica Finkel

Om Jimmy Schönning sa...

Så glad att se er kommentar här. Älskar min Finkel-skål. Skulle gärna ses innan nästa höst om möjligt i Die Schweiz ?