Jordan Schönning Penedo

Jordan Schönning Studio, Penedo

Our Jordan Schönning Penedo Studio
 is now open. 

Irai & Jatai bees have moved in with us and first they were placed near each other. 

Later we change the beehives to be a bit more separated from each other as well as the entrance of the two bee families set in different directions.  

Former fur coat as pillow ? 
What are your thoughts on 
up cycling 
a old fur coat to a pillow? 

First you see the Amor Agarradinho climber that has been in full bloom since I arrived here in Penedo the 20th of April. Garage before we really moved in. Found green seat and back cushions. 

May 2019

Living room in the 
Virkkilä house in Penedo 
the way we lived here visit.
 Just over a year ago in May 2019. 

May 2020

May 2020 we placed the 
upholstered green 
50´s sofa against the wall 
and set out more of the work of 
Ville Virkkilä 
in which former home we 
now are living in. 

May 2019 Virkkilä

May 2020 Virkkilä

The flowers I find right outside the door is Alpinia 
you see in front that 
is a true favorite and 
that lasts forever in a vase here. 

The wall wood sculptures are 
all by Ville Virkkilä. 

Entering a world of Heliconias

The flowers coming direct from 
the trunk of a 
Flor de macaco tree. 

Jaca fruit.

It´t the season for 


 I have come to love. 


Banana flower 

I saw the Lina Bo Bardi
exhibit last year at MASP 
and was even more convinced in her as one 
of the design genius of our time. 

Lina Bo Bardi introduced her 
world to us in creating MASP. 

Everything from the the way art is 
presented to to how you view 
creations in a museum is altered by MASP 

Study of Bromelia´s 
in the living room.

Dream Project

Let's just stay 
in touch here. 

All my best


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