Go Glamping with us

Anette Floss painted the the gorgeous
painting chosen for our Glamping tent. 

Go Glamping with us and enjoy the outdoors with a tent fit for royalty.  The tent of our choice is 6 m in diameter and 3 meters high at the center pole. 

This type of tent is really generous with space and you can easily fit a double bed and a table for four people inside and still have lots of room. 

When it comes to bed think inflatable matress or other easy to carry type of arrangement. When it comes to tables to eat 
around think foldable. 

All to make the travel and assembly of the equipment as easy as possible. If you want to see more of the tent and find out where you find it scroll down. 

Below film shows how cosy the glamping tent is at night with lanterns and candles lit : 

Almost hard to understand that this small package contains this big tent!

The Swedish excellent radio show Stil tells the whole story and more about what Glamping is. Here is more on this in Swedish:

För dig som vill veta mer om Glamping så lyssna på det utmärkta programmet Stil : 
- en bekväm (eller beklämmande) stil för vistelse i naturen. 

Nu när sommaren är här och semestern hägrar ska vi ta en titt på ett fenomen som kombinerar två till 
synes oförenliga komponenter – 

A comfortable bed is a must. Who wants to sleep on the floor? The inflatable double bed matresses that has a built in pump to which you need electricity to pump is what we choose to have a real comfy bed. 

Then just go crazy with textiles and make it as cosy as possible. 
All above is Jimsch 
from bedware to coffey mug. 

Extra candles means extra cosy. 
Lanterns that protect and cover the candlelight are preferred.

The bamboo lantern comes in two sizes 
and the black metal 
and glass lantern comes 
in 3 sizes at Jimsch

Carpets on the floor helps with the cosy feel and makes the floor so comfy i just sat down. Our recycled leather and jute carpet at Jimsch is just perfect here and easy to roll up and pack. 

To show that Glamping can be done anywhere you like we put up the fantastic tent we have chosen from Friluftsvaror smack in the middle of Stockholm, but next time we go Glamping a lake view or on the mountain in the forest. Right now this tent is on a lower price than it has been for a long time.  
Where do you want to go Glamping? 

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