Palazzo Litta Milano 2018

The Palazzo Litta in Milano also known as the Palazzo Arese-Litta is a Baroque structure in Milan dating from the period of Spanish rule.

 Originally built in 1642-1648 for Count Bartolomeo Arese housing grand parties and even the reception of Napoleon. 2018 Palazzo Litta is serving as a cultural center, housing exhibitions spaces, offices and a theater. 

The red wooden structure taking up the court yard changes the entering into the Palazzo totally and we stop and look at and tend to want to try the welcoming hammocks that was not here last year.

The grid of red-stained timber columns installed in the courtyard is made by Architect Asif Khan to create a refuge for visitors this year at Milan design week. 

Called Tempietto nel Bosco, meaning Temple in the Forest, the week long installation was designed to replicate a forest with a claring at its centre. Khan´s aim was to create a place during the Milan Design Week where visitors could relax while looking up at the sky.  

So we did!


The Palazzo supplies a stunning backdrop to all of the exhibiters.  

Normally I am uninterested in the motor influx on the Milan Design week that has turned the former vibrant interior design influence on the exhibitions at Tortona into a carshow. But this extravagantly gorgeous styling of this exceptional motorbike has something to say, if you know what i mean. 

Really fell for this super simple cozy seat constructed from two oversized attached pillows by Faye Toogood.

Palazzo Litta at Corso Magenta 24 is a good place to check out all the time when in Milano. 

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