Abigail Ahern at Formex Stockholm

Tuesday the twenty-first of August and the day for Formex opening in Stockholm. The first exhibit that greet you after entering is a dark green blackish camo covered tent type of installation, where the stand out color scheme is black and green hues. 

The guest Creator this season at Formex is my personal favorite with the the alliteration name you can not forget : Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern who has created the thematic exhibition in the Entrance Hall of the Formex interior fair is a well know name in the UK. Follow Abigail on Instagram 

Abigail Ahern´s internationally acclaimed interior style combines muted shades, unusual shapes (both new and old) greenery and faux botanicals. 

Abigail Ahern is according to Formex admired for her ability to test limits and draw on slightly darker palettes with masculine approaches, combining it all with designs that exude magic and mystique.

As Formex says : lean back and simply experience Abigail´s Wonderland. 

All photos are taken by me at the Abigail Aherns Entrance Exhibit at Formex August 2018 

I can not say how happy it makes me feel that the style of Abigail Ahern that not is the common Scandinavian style is not only by me considered the style of the times right now. 

This is so close to what I love as a designer on all levels apart from one thing. The faux botanicals...but you know what, there is a time and place for everything and I might even try some of the fake fern Abigail Ahern, just because you made me see that it looks so good. 

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