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The home and garden of Karen Blixen

Ever since the magic movie Out of Africa about Karen Blixen´s life, I have wanted to see her home.
After reading all about her adventures and becoming a total fan of her life achievments I was keen on seeing her home that had been made into a museum. 
I have passed it many times on Strandveien, driving from Cph (Denmark) towards Louisiana the Modern Museum by the sea ( see my blogpost on Louisiana here) This time I was going to see it, even if it was closed this time as well! It looks so remarkbly beautiful from the outside and my hopes were high.  I enter to buy a ticket and I am told that the Karen Blixen museum AKA her former home, will be closing in 20 min. I buy the ticket and enter anyway thinking It´s now or never. 

I have tried so many times before and never made it. So here I go! Finally I enter the hallway where Karen has arrived just like me in her days. The guide approach me and bids me welcome. Lovely I think. She continues to tell me that it is not allowed to take photos...WHAT!? (I think, I do not say it... - I hope...)  So now I understand why I never see anything from the home of Karen on Instagram or elsewhere. They do not allow you to take photos... Well....that is one of the explanations, the other is that the Karen Blixen museum is truly non interesting and really boring...APART from the three rooms that you are allowed to acually see (which took 15 min...) 
It´s NOT the entire home. The parts you see are nice to get a picture (not photo though...)  of the way Karen lived in this house, but the museum part is something from the dark ages...have they heard of moving images, computers and museums making history come alive...No they have not. So, just to spite them I took some film. 
 No one said I could not. They said I could not take any photos.

So if you would like to see what it looks like inside Karen Blixen´s home you can contact me on FB through Jimmy Schönning HEM like our page and send a message  and I will send a film of her interior to you. 

All my best


Karen Blixen´s home seen from the garden

The cafe at the Karen Blixen museum

The pond in the garden

Karen Blixen photographed in her home.

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