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Rehearsal space at home

Soul, with a capitol S...

Saraha´s mic made into a wallpaper. Prince is hiding behind the chains.


The love of proverbs shows all over

Bedside Buddha

Something worth seeing everyday

Hidden gold records and triumphs close to the ceiling was Sarah´s idea.

A BIG closet was high up on the wish list. Glass doors from floor to ceiling from Lumi was the solution. 

Seated where its comfortable. Sarah knew which bed she wanted. She also wanted her glittery heels on the shelf made out of a turn of the century door by Lövsjö Loghouse where I wanted candles. Turned out great in my opinion.

The performer Sarah Dawn Finer wanted to give her  home some extra attention after all her touring and needed among other things a larger closet space to take better care of all her on and off stage outfits. I worked with her on the remodeling of her apartment. 
Sarah knows what she wants so it´s not at all that I just make a plan when she´s away and just do it.

 I´m thankful for the opportunity to find the style for the upgrade together with Miss Finer. 
All the pictures were taken by Lina Eidenberg Adamo for a feature in Swedish interior magazine Sköna Hem last year. 


Brooklyn Bridge photo by Per Magnus Persson made into wallpaper by Photowall. Black and white rose pillows from Atelje Alt. Wall lights ByRydens

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