All photos by Martin Skog

Earlier this year I told how impressed I was with Hang On here on the BLOG from the second of Feb after I saw it at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm.  

I knew that this unique product was going to make it. 
I told designer Erik Nyström that I really liked Hang On that I would buy it, use it  and really hoped it would come into production. 

I invited a few different Swedish companies that I thought was the right ones to see Hang on and meet Erik, BUT instead he found interest and production elsewhere with smarter more design focused entrepreneurs. 

IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY when clever new designers make it with new and unique interpretations of design and art all in one.

The only problem with Hang On is that you will never really understand it until you see it.
So until you have the pleasure of seeing it IRL here are the words of the designer himself describing Hang on : 

With this hanger, I want to play with the ideas and images we associate with different objects. In a world where our experience of designed products mainly builds upon two-
dimensional images, I want to encourage the interaction with these objects in the physical, three-dimensional space.

When we interact with an object and view it from different angles, new functions and qualities emerge; we might discover a hidden depth that shatters our preconceptions of the object.

This hanger is supposed to provide the observer some food for thought. I want to show you the benefits of meeting an object in all three dimensions.

Hang On is made out of 15 x 15 mm quadrat steel pipe which is cut and welded, then it is treated with a powder coating. This furniture comes with a set of holes on the backside for easy mount on the wall.

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