B E E L A M P bilampan

Aug is harvest time for straw

Beelamp exhibited by Codesign at Formex15 by Sanna Gebeyehu 
Photo by August Eriksson

Bilampan in Swedish - Beelamp in English

Beelamp is handmade from straw and tarred hemp rope.

B E E L A M P    bilampan

Beelamp is created in the same ancient technique that has been used for making beehives using straw (straw is halm in Swedish) tied together with rope. We have used a tarred hemp rope for Beelamp. Straw is a type of rye that has been used for many objects through history. From my design idea of using the artisanal handicraft of straw technique to make an electrical lamp with a LED bulb was made real by Eva Bryntesson at Halmens Hus , Bengtsfors, Sweden - that tells the story about the usage of straw in different cultures and throughout the history and teaches techniques and holds courses and exhibitions.

I´m so proud that we can present a tradition preserving forward moving product from straw technique that is useful in this organic and amazingly beautiful historic material that still exists today.

Beelamp has just been presented by Codesign and Sanna Gebeyehu at the  biannual Formex Fair in Stockholm. So thankful to see my Beelamp project become reality after many years of preparations. 


Straw hats is what was made mostly 100 years ago from straw. Until recently mostly christmas deco and now finally Beelamp is taking the historic use of straw to new and future possibilities.

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