I LOVE X-mas traditions and this is what I choose for the first advent weekend.  

Favorite scents
Hyacinth, green moss and  white&black stones and quail eggs (emptied)

Oranges pinned with cloves (with or without ribbons) and apples.

LOVE the easy way 
Wooden trays that flowershops keep make for a perfect arrangement. Fill with hyacinth and green moss. Add christmas deco on top for a table setting with the right feel.

A heart from branches with one or two ornaments.

Large cinamon and more oranges with cloves tied with black ribbons.

Apples painted with egg whites and powdered with icing suger 
makes the apples look like the just came in from a snowy tree.

The scent of hyacinth is Christmas to me.

A small X mas tree made from branches of pine 
glued with a glue gun to a paper towel roll

The scent of cloves mixed with oranges makes X-mas.

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