BORNHOLM inspires me

Took the ferry to Bornholm, Denmark from Ystad, Sweden. Although this is just a beautiful ship in the harbor.

Amazed! -- in Rönne, Bornholm in a backyard I find a figtree growing outdoors. This is how much warmer this island climate is to Sweden. There are no fig trees growing outdoors in Sweden.

The colors of Bornholm homes are vibrant.

As you see of the amount of pictures. I fell in love with the shapes of this old smoke house. So modern. So right. Here you can buy smoked fish. I was enjoying the house itself.

In the rock formation above Francisco´s head is a little Lookout that a priest used as temple/church/shrine. It feels sacred to be here.

Seeing the ruins and the place by the ocean where Hammershus rests, is a must. 

Bornholm inspires me.

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