Meeting the children

Soomkai lamp

It all started with the chicken coop I saw on the street in Thailand 2010. I was visiting my friends Ann&Per Magnus Persson.

My idea was very simple, make lampshades from the same technique as they hand make the Soomkai (chicken coop in Thai)  but in another form. 

Ann found the right producer and took care of shipping after we had a perfect start of a partnership with Watt&veke who have been our guide in this our first design&production project from scratch together. Per Magnus and I shot and I took care of the look of the pictures of the first Soomkai. 

I wanted our Soomkai to give back to Thailand so we decided to give from the profit to the HIV Orhpanage Dramaraksa Children Home run by Alongkot Dikkapanyo, head monk of Wa Phra Baht Nam Phu Buddhist temple

So finally we did arrive to meet with the monk and donate what the Soomkai lamp had given. It is such an amazing feeling to have and idea two years ago and now see that all the help from everyone of this design project along with all of the buyers of the Soomkai now come together to help
I love it.  

The Temple seen from afar.

We  went to meet the children at the Orhanage and brought, mandarins and popcorn.  

The donation we give with help of the profit from the Soomkai will be used for everything from the daily medication to toys, books and paper to help in the childrens schooling. 

Mandarins&popcorn for everyone

Posing for Per Magnus

Hula hoop competition with choreography. WOW!

Alongkot Dikkapanyo, head monk

The monk is called Papa by many

Signing in at the Temple

Meeting with the monk

A very happy man (me!)with a certificate of the donation

  A very important fact to know is

Per Magnus, Ann and I did not get paid or use the profit from the Soomkai for our travels or anything but donating to the cause described above. We have paid for all our costs by our selves. Not only has 10% from the profit of the sales from Watt&veke contributed,  but also from the production part as well as from my side. We all have donated 10 % of our profit.

 All pictures shot by Per Magnus Persson www.permagnuspersson.com

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