The door to Buenos Aires

Not that I know a lot about Buenos Aires, I have only been here  2 days. I can say that I have fallen in love with the french architecture that look like its from the turn of the century, not this last one but the one before... but,most I learned today is from the 40´s & 50´s of this century. Love, love, love the wooden doors 5 meters high!! Amazing carpentry and craftmanship. 
The pure luxury of having the lenght of the door and the hight of the ceiling over 5 meters. Had to add the graffiti one aswell, 
it was just looking at me telling me to take a picture. 
Love walking around in Buenos Aires. It has so much to say and is such a friendly city.

You will meet swedish Mats Sahlin in an interview coming up during my stay here in BA, who is building a design apartment hotel and hear about his exciting project. I will meet him today and look at the building progress. Let me know if you want to ask any Q to an international entrepreneur like Mats and I will ask those Q for you. 
Let me know with a comment or email at js@jimmyschonning.com

See you soon :) 

2 kommentarer:

marianne sa...

vackra dörra jag ser fram emot mer vackert...tack

Om Jimmy Schönning sa...

Lovar det blir mer vackert. Denna stad är skönhet. Fantastisk plats att få inspiration i.