Total product placement

I so fell for the look of these hair products. Must admit that the look of them is why I wanted to place them in my bathroom. Not in the cabinet, but out on the sink so they would show.  
Not only do they match style wise with their industrial look I like but also the color. 

Scroll down to see the bathroom if you have not been here on the blog while it was being built.  

The containers from Kevin.Murphy are made to recycle and that just makes it so perfect. 

Now I have used both the shampoo(green container)that smells wonderful and the hair paste (black container) that works so well on my rough style. So nice to tell about stuff you really go for. Again, have not been paid to say this. I just really like these products, that´s why they end up on my sink in my bathroom.

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Sandra | Inspirera Mera sa...

Håller med snygg förpackning gör verkligen en stor skillnad.