Must have herb dishes

I try to powerwalk at least 3 times/week up to an hour but always have to stop along the way and take pictures of the surrounding nature just because its so beautiful.
Jimmy LOVES :

A must have for me are these small dishes I just got from Agneta Livijn they just fit so perfectly into my house. Saw them first at a friend´s restaurant and been thinking of them ever since, so when I got a hold of Agneta I asked her for her whole series. She said at the moment she only had 3 in total - so I have go go back for more.

2 kommentarer:

Petra sa...

Å nu blev det jobbigt,,,vilka härliga tallrikar;)

Om Jimmy Schönning sa...

Älskar asietterna - kommer skaffa fler. Det är helt säkert.

Kul att du tittade in :)