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Out door bright summer and whites
Summer time means beach time and time for reading and having lots of time for interior magazines for me. I have been a old-timer for a long time clinging to the paper copies of all interior magazines. 

I love that feeling of a new unread magazine in my hand, a cup of coffey and some time by myself in a comfy chair. The thing is that I go for Brittish&italian interior magz and they just never arrive when they should. 

So I finally tried with a digital subscription, and I do not understand why it took me so long. It´s lovely! The fav magz arrive on time and I can enjoy it without any hassle whenever I want, do not even have to get it from the mailbox! When you travel you have room for all of them and they do not get wrinkly when you pack them wrong. Just love it!

Both pic´s are here are from my long time favorite Living Etc (the link leading to the Housetohome web that Living Etc share)  that makes me see the joy in using more colors in interiors and inspire me to find another take on my type of Scandi interiors. 

Summer joy sent :)


Dreamy glass doors that can open totally and fold neatly to the sides. LOVE!

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