Bronte Beach villa by Boffi in Sydney

In my search for inspiration for the tropical beach house and garden I found this home the sea totally done over by Boffi DePadova.  

We are on the coast, between Tamarama and Bronte, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The villa is located by the beach and is clad by copper sheets, which I adore, that show their true beauty in how they create their artistic green patina over time. 

The tactile materiality drew inspiration from the surrounding coastal walks and was a specific request from the client, who refurbished the building, managed by the tea of Boffi|DePadova Studio Sydney, and the landscape designer William Dangar of Dangar Barin Smith Studio

Hospitality and conviviality which is the quality of being friendly and making people feel happy and welcome, are at the centre of this three-levels century-old villa, redesigned with the idea of removing visual and physical barriers, connecting the inner and outer spaces with a focus on the K14 kitchen, designed by Norbert Wangen 

The Donsella chairs design Michele De Lucchi around the dining table, the Uragano chairs design Vico Magistretti, made of rattan and wood, the Yak armchairs design Lucidi Pevere with the leather back in front of the fireplace, the timeless Louisiana, Vico Magistretti design, in the bedroom, the classic Pouf Capitonné in the study...all tables sofas, lamps feel as though they are in the right place and have been for a long time. 


As a interior designer that love to do the outdoor rooms it is different doing a private house in a Scandinavian climate or in a tropical climate. In Sweden snow falls in the winter, normally...and you need to store furniture. In Brazil where I now live my private clients want to use their garden, pool and sport areas year round. Naturally there are other aspects like the rains of March which in Brazil means flooding of a kind that you have to secure or store out door furniture. 

In searching for clever design for a new client in a for me 
new climate I hope I share new ideas and solutions that inspire you. 


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