Style Editor at Vogue throws master and slave party insisting it’s Bahian culture.

Sunday normally means blogday for me. My plan today was to show you my Stockholm Design Week. 

But when I read about the 50th birthday party that Style Editor of Brazilian Vouge Donata Meirelles threw this weekend…I just lost it. 

When the successful buisiness woman and Style Editor at Vogue Brazil throws a party at the Aclamação Palace in Salvador, Bahia inviting the the socialites,  millionaires & wannabes to enjoy, what to everyone who looks at the photos from the party including me, as a reenactment and glorifictaion of the enslavement of the african population brought to Brazil prior to the 1888 abolition of slavery, you tend to wake up from the normal sunday routine to say the least.

Women of color dressed in what looks as Mucamas, white linen or cotton dresses and headwraps, worn traditionally by slaves in Brazil, serving, faning and poseing with the predominantly white upper class guests makes many with me not really care about the latest Instagram post made by Donata Meirelles where she back peddles explaining what everyone saw was not a party with a slave theme but a perfectly normal Bahian culture celebration. 

When you are the Style Editor for Vouge in a country with over 200 million people (more than for example Russia) and has nearly half a million Instagram followers and your husband Nizan Guanaes’sis cofounder and partner of Grupo ABC, one of Latin America’s largest communications companies and you work with your daughter who is Helena Bordon who has over 1 million followers on Instagram and you have a party in a historic palace in Bahia with servants dressed in costumes resembling the outfits of the slave period in Brazil, then I sadly come to understand why Bolsonaro is given the possibility to rule and why my beloved Brazil is loosing equality along with the freedom of speech in the political process that sadly is the state of the world politics at the moment. 

I am terrified that ingnorance will rule worldwide and noone does anything to stop this political plague and painfully embarrasing parties resembling white supremasists gatherings in Mississippi. 

You know…we can only do one thing:

We can start with the man in the mirror. 
That is what I am doing now. Using my own platform to say I want to live in a free world where equality is what we strive for. 

Stay in touch 


PS Brazil not The United States, has had the largest population of African decent living outside of Africa. 
During the Atlantic slave trade era, Brazil recieved more African slaves than any other country. An estimated 4.9 million slaves from Africa were brought to Brazil during the period of 1501-1866.

Nizan Guanaes participated in the Gobal Citizen 2017, where the speaker was Barack Obama DS

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