Chalet make over Piet Boon style

Dutch design Studio Piet Boon redesigned the interior of a family vacation retreat in the idyllic French Alps. Respecting the monumental architecture of the chalet and working closely with the client and a local architect, they transformed the existing authentic wooden chalet into the perfect intimate family holiday home. 

By both designing new and redefining areas leaving all original features intact a maximization of the the living space is realized. Now presenting various living quarters, a terrace with panoramic view, multiple bed and bathrooms, a wellness and dry room, the interior design of the chalet allows for large gatherings with family and friends. 

The generous fireplace is my favorite feature  and the natural central piece in this chalet make over by Studio Piet Boon. So uplifting to see and a great reminder of how you can update any style of home with respect for the original architecture and still get a totally modern abode in a historic original home.  

Please be seated.  Loving all the sofas, easy chairs and love seats. In my opinon a holiday home is measured by the comfort of the seats & beds. 

The bespoke built in updated sofa in the kitchen along with glass door instead of wooden door to the kitchen as well as the style of all furniture chosen contributes to the modern update of the chalet. 

A bathroom with a view. 

So this is what we call effortless updated luxury living. Now who would not want to wake up to this view in the French alps ?

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