Mälsåker Slott

Castle hopping is a good way of describing a favorite Sunday activity around Stockholm. 

What brought us to Mälsåker Slott was my talented piano playing friend Magnus Bergman who had a concert here. 

We came around to enjoy the Piazzolla concert performed by Magnus and his accordion playing musician friend as well as to see the castle we had not before seen. 

Seen from the waterfront the baroque castle has a powerful impact. 

Marcello posing as a statue in one of the not yet restored parts of the castle that I just adore. 

In rooms not yet renovated at this art loving castle an exhibit of Urban Jörén is hung masterly against the old walls that becomes a perfect combo with the black&white photos set against the worn&wonderful walls.

Look up to see all the amazing ceiling stucco of this baroque castle.  

Naturally I fall for the rooms and parts of the castle that is yet to be renovated. The light that falls in through the high windows and the silence is overwhelming 

Lake Mälaren reaches the castle and in this heatwave a swim seems like a good idea. 

Fireplaces to be inspired by. 

Wandering around in this castle is like traveling in time. 

If you are interested in reading more about the history of this mansion from the 1400´s to how it turned into a castle you find more here.  The castle is cared for by a nonprofit organisation that I just became a member of. You find more about that here.

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