Archipelago cocktail glamping

Glamping my Dear! : This is how I go camping. Everything is ready when we arrive, cocktails are served and food is cooked by a Master Chef. 

What I want to do is go cocktail glamping  this summer in the Stockholm archipelago at Fejan outdoor with Scandinavian Detours. Everything is created for the ultimate glamping experience with Danish celebrity chef Mikkel Karstad outdoor cooking a three course meal and serving whiskey cocktails  (more about those below)  beneath the Swedish summer skies. 

Waking up to breakfast served overlooking the Stockholm archipelago after a good nights sleep in a canvas tent. A boat tour to a island nearby where a hike with pic nic is part of the deal that will cost you 3 490 kr for two in total with everything included. 

I will definitely try to find a date to go cocktail glamping. Think it is the only way that I will go camping ever. Found out about the the Talisker cocktail glamping at an event at popular newest Stocholm city hotel Downtown Camper. 

Bartender World Class 2017 silver winner Mate Csatlos created coctails using Talisker whiskey as a base making new taste sensations. 

Mate Csatlos at work producing new experiences for our pleasure. 

Downtown Camper providing the cool setting and the DJ serving the sound that makes for a great evening trying new Talisker tastes. Must say that whiskey as a base for drinks is very much to my liking. Downtown Camper is created by Gothenburg based Stylt  and is a Scandic hotel. 

This is how happy I get when I try whiskey cocktails  it seems!

Marcello meets charming Maria representing Talisker telling us about whiskey. 

 When you check out the photos below of the Coctail Glamping experience I think you will start planning your trip as well. I will contact Scandinavian Detour to see when I can try this well planned outdoor coctail glamping experience by the sea.

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Mikkel Karstad cooking outdoors. 

Letting the ocean add to the meny 

Open fire cooking at its best. 

Eating out for real.com !

Coctails made with Talisker as a base. 

Foodies on a glamping trip in the archipelago get a real treat. 

Mikkel Karstad cooking outdoors where the meals are served. 

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