H I G H | lights formex 16

Graphic love for me at Formex and side by side sisters Ylva Skarp and Camilla Brøyn exhibition wise.

Olsson&Jensen at Formex giving eclectic coolness

Saturday after opening our JIMSCH premiere at Formex on Wednesday I found time to walk around and see more of other exhibitors. 

There were so many singel objects to my liking, but when it came to personality and interior character that stood out in one setting Olsson&Jensen did it for me and hit a nerve which made me remember their style and composition as well as expression of a trend. 

Thank you for your inspirational touch!
So invigorating to see something that sticks out and not one more of the same like the 44 before....



Olsson&Jensen floral fancy combined with vintage,tactile& textile touch.

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