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Autumn with amazing weather

The corn is as high as an elephants eye

There is something extraordinary (and phallic) about corn on the cob.

I just could not help myself. When it is this amazing fall weather I just can not help but taking photos. Everything seems so beautiful. Been at the house of my family on the westcoast by Varberg. As you you have seen before on the  blog my mother Marianne designs suede clothes and we were shooting some of her new fall models as you can see below. Loving this type of sunny fall with high air and warm temp. 

See you soon


Startingpoint with props and getting organized.

My own original of the wooden head I call Wigstock for the JIMSCH collection holding my favorite headphones. I have a strong need of great sound. Just recently go the Audio Pro portable speaker and must say it is top notch sound wise. Usually when working with whatever it is I do I need music and since I move around so much a portable speaker is a must.

Mocka of Sweden

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