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My Grandmother&Grandfather got this house at Getterön 1958 so since I was born 1967 I have visited every summer my whole life. Sometimes brief and sometimes lengthy stays.
My mother&father updated the summerhouse to a year round permanent living and moved in 2004. The stone wall built in front of the house by my grandfather slowly and surely in the 60´s is my most beloved part of this home. In the wintertime you see the stonewall more than in summer with the garden greens being the focus.

Since my mother is a green thumbed individual this is what it looks like in summer.

Cooking in summer is done on the terrace for most meals.

My brother demounted an old greenhouse that did not want to be renovated by his house. My mother kept the glass and with the help of a good carpenter and great ideas the small greenhouse was built from wood and the old glass that was reused from my brothers green house.

When all the tomato plants grow and all the greens are in season there is not much room. Love the seat in the midst of it all.

The greenhouse makes the terrace have a whole new feeling from the outside as well.

This little cute cottage is where I stay when I come here. This was an addition made and has about 9 sqm inside, there is place for a bed, a table and some storage. This past summer and warm September I have stayed here a lot. Love this little cottage by the sea and the fact that I sleep so well here and when waking up here I just put on swimtrunks and go for a dip in the ocean before breakie.
From the entrance this is the path through the small garden up to my little cottage at the family house on Getterön.

A pond was a must. If you have followed my blog you have seen the pond we created in Hoby Mosse. My mother is the one who started it all. She has insisted on ponds in all of her&dads houses. This is not the biggest, but in my view the most beautiful pond she has created.

This beautiful sweet pea was planted by my grandmother and every year it grows enormous.

The conservatory by the entrance is the home of the fig that we have had some problems with but now seems to love it. Mom used to bring it outdoors in the summers but now just leave it here and that seems to work much better.

On a very windy day this summer we carried a large piese of thin white fabric up on a hill. We took turns in taking pictures me and mom. Dad thought we were crazy and he is most certainly right.

My nephews love to jump into the ocean and play in the water. My mother takes a morning dip every day even in the fall and through winter we take a wood fire sauna on fridays and go into the ocean even around Christmas.

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