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The closest beach to my parents house on Getterön, Varberg. 

Night (in june) and Day at"my" cottage at my parents. At least this is where I always stay. Lovely with the pond right outside the window. There is room for a large bed. A book shelf, a small table and a bedside table in this 10 sqm house. The bathroom is next door.

My mother Marianne Schönning has created suede clothing due to her love of the material. She is seen wearing it herself most of the time. We spent a day shooting her wearing her design in front of the camera. She always had models doing it for her most of her design career. I came to my parents house to spend time with them and I convinced mom to show her own  designs in these photos we shot at their house and within walking distance so that it would be easy and fun. I made a collection of suede for interiors just because I inherited the same love of this amazing material. Suede is mocka in Swedish. And the name suede derives from a misunderstanding about the origin of suede. It was thought to be Swedish in France therefor it was called suede like the name for Sweden in french : Suède. See more of Marianne Schönning design on her website www.mocka.com


My mother in a hat and Miss Morris in her lap. Marianne, naturally wearing a suede dress in her own design. 

Treating Miss Morris (trying to get her in the shot) 

You are not supposed to talk about a lady´s age, but...my mother turned 71 this year and I think she not only looks good but has a good life and tries to take care of herself (and you can see it) no nip&tuck - life is showing in the best way in my opinon. Wishing for her kind of ageing genes.

The ocean has always meant so much to Marianne and myself. It has such a big important part in our lives. Therefor it was so natural that we would shoot her clothes by the ocean as well as in the garden that she loves to tend to.

Getterön has been a place I have come to every summer for my whole life. This jetty has seen my attempts to swim at an early age as well as my dip last week. To take a Friday sauna and dip in the ocean is mandatory year round at my mom&dads at Getterön ( at least for my mother Marianne...)

Enjoying the beauty of  the nature of Getterön fully. Mom laughed and thought me crazy to place her in the middle of the plant. She looks great there. In full bloom I would say.

Miss Morris and mom match well today.

Sand dune sitting.

Getterön is a peninsula, that used to be an island before connected by to the main land by a road, close to the city of Varberg on the west coast of Sweden,  where my mother&father lives and works. The former island has both beaches and and a beautifully rocky shore line.

Nothing drapes as elegant as suede.

Tomato plants in mom´s greenhouse where she is wearing a beautiful short draped jacket and suede skirt. Suede/mocka. Mocka is the Swedish word for suede.

Sun seeker Marianne Schönning, tall and proud designer of suede clothing, wearing her long summer suede skirt.

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