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The living room

Artilleriet Interior Design is an interior store with a style of it´s own. I have visited many times and even shot a piece here for one of the TV shows I´ve worked with. I have acquired interiors and decoration both for clients and for myself here. 

At my meeting with talented interiorista Sarah Widman in the lovely Da Mateo café next to Artilleriet in Gothenburg, she says we need to see the new Artilleriet Studio.Naturally I follow her advice. 

I´m so glad we did. Artilleriet Studio is an apartment filled to the brim with all of that creative eclectic feel that has made Artilleriet successful. Their style is not the Scandi norm. It´s not what you find everywhere. 
It´s a style created from acquired taste, experience and style merged with the knowledge of extensive traveling to find the gems. 

This is not your typical Scandi design store. This is not minimalism. This is Artilleriet Eclecticism. 

I did not want to leave. I could have moved in...You must experience this if you are on the west coast of Sweden. The capitol of Sweden has nothing to compare with to this type of creative complexity in one&the same interior shop.



The study

The kitchen 1.

The kitchen 2.

The hallway
The dining room

The bedroom boudoir 1
The Shaker hanger bedroom 2

The Bedroom 3

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