G A R D E N | ganesh

Ganesh in place
I have wanted to give thanks to Ganesh for a long time, the ecumenic deity that is a part of several belief systems that followed us in all our endeavors when working with the Soomkai lamp project in Thailand. First of all elephants to me are ancient history merged into today and a unique animal that I have supreme respect for.  

Ganesh is a true force for starting new projects and that is what we did in Thailand and is true for what is going on now. 

I saw/met so many Ganesh and started to think I would want give thanks to Ganesh at home preferably in the garden. This Ganesh is from Indonesia and has now moved in, we met yesterday at Löddeköpinge Plantskola and I asked him to come home with me. 
Welcome to our garden Ganesh. 


Apple bloom and leaves for Ganesh

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