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One magnolia flower inside Grow "greeenhouse" by Caroline Wetterling for Designhouse Stockhom

Got this fine little greenhouse glass&cup at the press show at Nobis Hotel during Design week in Sthlm, and have now lived with it for a while

I was one of the happy guests at the press meeting that received  this gorgeous little glass gift called Grow that I have now tried at home and since it is an object designed for plants and the choice of material I really fell for it at first sight. 
 A cherished gift at first. 

But sadly it has been constructed unbalanced in the way the it is designed ,top heavy and the bottom is not made sturdy enough, it is unbalanced and has fallen over many times. 
 I hope it will last but I don´t think so, which is a shame. 

It surprises me that it was not taken back and remade in a way that it will keep a good balance by itself. Like the design was rushed and not completed.  

I remember the same type of problem for the Ikea Blanda Blank smallest bowl that you can not place a desert spoon in without it tipping over.  What a shame on such lovely objects.

Magnified magnolia

Top that can be used for watering.

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